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Boston Medical Group – The Link – Rheumatoid Arthritis and Erectile Dysfunction

Boston Medical Group, as many people know, is the leading organization in terms of treating the disorder of erectile dysfunction, which is otherwise known as ED.

And certainly when physicians are the recognized experts, they are always on top of the latest studies and discoveries in the field.

One of those that have been unearthed recently draws a connection between rheumatoid arthritis and erectile dysfunction.

The study was conducted by researchers from the Taipei (Taiwan) Medical University.

There were 6310 patients in the study, of differing ages, and it included only erectile dysfunction patients who had been diagnosed with the disorder twice or more between 2001 and 2009.

The study concluded that men who had rheumatoid arthritis were at two-thirds greater risk of developing ED than men who did not have it. These results were published in Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases.

Since chronic inflammation is associated with RA, it is perhaps not a big surprise that ED may be a condition that appeared as a result of it. Never before had a link been made between rheumatoid arthritis and erectile dysfunction.

Boston Medical Group believes it is important to understand that erectile dysfunction can often develop as a result of some other ailment, no matter what it is. That is why men have to be careful.

To be safe, you may want to schedule an appointment with one of the experts from Boston Medical Group for a consultation. They can be reached at 1-888-740-4198, and then you can plan to see a doctor at any of the 21 offices they have scattered throughout the United States.


Suffering From ED? You Are Not Alone – Boston Medical Group

Do you believe you may be suffering from some of the effects of erectile dysfunction? Boston Medical Group wants to stress that you are not alone.

We’re not sure you are aware of this, but according to studies that have been conducted by the National Institutes of Health, there may be as many as 30 million men in the United States who are afflicted with the condition of erectile dysfunction, and that is on a chronic basis. We can guarantee that if you had a discussion with your friends about this, no one would come up with that kind of number.

Although ED is not automatically associated with aging males, the statistics demonstrate that as you get older, the chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction do indeed increase.

Just take a look: chronic erectile dysfunction affects approximately 4% of men who are in their 50s. That is a relatively low number, but it multiplies as men get older. When they are in their 60s, the figure jumps to 17%, and it is 47% for men who are in their 70s.

The point of speaking in these terms is to stress that something that is so widespread, and which will become more common in individuals as time progresses, should not be a “closet” affliction. It deserves attention and treatment, and people should not be shy about seeking it.

If you have some concerns about erectile dysfunction, please feel free to contact Boston Medical Group at 1-800-337-7555.

ED and Your Diet: Get These Foods in Your System – Boston Medical Group

The folks at Boston Medical Group are the best in their field when it comes to dealing with the very sensitive problem of erectile dysfunction. And at the same time, they realize that there are certain measures you can take in your dietary intake that will help reduce the chances that you will develop ED in the future.

So some suggestions may be in order.

Here are some foods that may be very helpful in that respect:

Dark Chocolate – This can help with blood pressure, in that it improves circulation and is good from a cholesterol standpoint.

Berries – Lots of antioxidant action here. That, in effect, reduces the chances for cancer and helps you beat back the incidence of ED.

Bananas – They contain potassium, which helps you combat high blood pressure, which can accelerate the development of erectile dysfunction.

Avocado – There is fat in avocado; however, if it is consumed in moderation it can serve to combat high levels of cholesterol, which in a residual way is good to fight ED.

Pistachio Nuts – They can put some weight on you, but again, with moderation, you are looking at a food that can go a long way toward improving your cholesterol level.

Do you think you may have ED? Do you think you need to speak to a doctor about it? Please contact Boston Medical Group at 1-888-740-5170.

ED – Should Both of You Talk to Someone From the Outside?

Is it wise to seek some help from the outside when it comes to talking about your problems with erectile dysfunction? That is a question the people from Boston Medical Group are confronted with all the time.

And the answer is, yes, it is, if you are concerned about the way you are going to break the news to your partner.

We say “break the news” because there might be some confusion over what the problem really is, particularly if you have not talked about it with your partner. And that is a state of confusion that should not persist.

If you are wrestling with this problem, please remember that you affect another life with your reticence, not just from a physical standpoint but from the perspective of the psychological impact it may have on others.

If your partner is not aware of what your problem is, they are going to think the problem lies with them. Don’t do that. Don’t shut yourself off. Don’t underestimate the level of understanding someone close to you is capable of having. And don’t hesitate to call in professionals for both consultation and counseling.

Of course, we are talking about Boston Medical Group, which probably possesses more knowledge of the psychological aspects of erectile dysfunction than any medical group in the world. They have many years of service to patients all over the country, and indeed the world. Put your trust in them, and they will justify that trust.

ED Can Be a Physical or Psychological Problem

Boston Medical Group knows that there is a misconception among some people that erectile dysfunction is completely physical; others believes it’s all in the head.

The truth is that it could be either, or a little bit of both.

Of course, whatever the cause, it manifests itself in something that is physical. And to get “technical” about it just for a second, the result is a failure to produce enough blood entering the penis to produce erection through the “hydraulic effect.”

I guess it can’t get more physical than that. Or more embarrassing, which eventually makes it personal and psychological.

Of course, some people can form their own psychological barriers that prevent them from reaching erection, just like those same barriers might prevent us from doing other things.

While this may be more of an ordeal for the individual to overcome, at least in a sense, it is also quite possible to address, because it may be something which you create yourself, to a degree.

Ultimately, and quite likely, there is going to be a strong psychological element anyway, since the physical ailment has its own consequences from a psychological standpoint. Patients who are in this dilemma are in luck, however. Boston Medical Group has, for years, specialized in treating people with erectile dysfunction by attacking the problem from all angles.

You don’t need to feel ashamed, nor do you need to keep your problem under wraps. You need to call Boston Medical Group.

Before you Try Fake Erectile Dysfunction Drugs, Contact Boston Medical Group

Recent studies have shown that sales of fake erectile dysfunction medication online has skyrocketed 400% in recent years, yet these medications can cause all types of health risks, and in some cases have even caused death. This from an article at entitled, “Selling erections on the internet”, which details the increased sales and usage of fake erectile enhancement medications.

Much of the push for increased sales of less-expensive fake ED medication over the Internet is the stigma surrounding it. Many men would rather keep quiet about the problem to avoid potential embarrassment rather than seeing help from doctors. Over a quarter of men who apparently purchase ED medication over the Internet does so without consulting a doctor first. Even when offered confidential treatments such as The Boston Method from Boston Medical Group, more men seem to feel more comfortable taking a risk with cheap face ED drugs over the Internet.

The problems with these fake ED drugs is that they can be made in such a way to either cause health problems or do nothing at all, depending on the mixture of medicines within the medication. Since they aren’t made by qualified professionals, they lack the quality control found in name-brand medications. The lesson here, one would think, is to see a professional — such as those at Boston Medical Group — if you think you have a problem with erectile dysfunction, rather than trying to solve your health problems on your own.

Preventative Erectile Dysfunction Measures: Boston Medical Group

Given the number of neurological defects and diseases that can lead to erectile dysfunction, the causes seem almost endless. While many of these causes cannot be prevented or controlled, many men think their only options are to either take erectile dysfunction medications or simply throw in the towel. Even though many of these diseases and defects are to blame, there are preventative measures that can be taken in an effort to curb any erectile difficulty by a simple change in lifestyle.

Daily exercise and healthy eating is universally recommended to any patient that steps into a doctor’s office, but those with erectile dysfunction should take particular notice. According to multiple studies, changes in eating habits and adding regular exercise routines can improve and maybe even prevent problems with erectile dysfunction.

According to a study done for U.S. News, overweight men with erectile dysfunction that lost a significant amount of body fat found that their conditions improved. The study, performed on a group of severely obese men, found that those who ate healthier and exercised regularly were less likely to continue living with erectile dysfunction and found increasing improvements.

Other studies have shown that excess alcohol consumption can lead to erectile dysfunction in older men. Consuming large quantities of alcohol can lead to damaged testosterone production and testicular atrophy, causing erectile dysfunction later in life. By consuming less alcohol at an older age, men often decrease their chances of ever having erectile difficulty.

Though there are numerous treatments to for erectile dysfunction, men can take part in their own healing by preparing their bodies through healthy eating and exercise. By avoiding heavy amounts of alcohol and harmful food, men can become active in preventing erectile dysfunction from ever harming their sexual relationship with their partner.