Low Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction: Frequent Questions About Low Testosterone and Impotence

Here are common questions about low testosterone and erectile dysfunction:

Are there treatments available for men with low testosterone and erectile dysfunction?

There are several ED treatments available for men with low testosterone and impotence. Men should consider that erectile dysfunction is often a symptom of another health issue.

Therefore, men with low testosterone and erectile dysfunction should seek medical advice from an expert for the right ED treatment.

I have low testosterone and oral ED medications do not work for me. Is this normal?

This can be normal. Oral ED medications are effective in relieving ED symptoms. However, effectiveness may vary according to the severity of the case.

Some oral ED medications won’t work with other patients. Although, there are other safe and effective ED treatment options available.

Does low testosterone therapy have sexual side effects?

The most common effects of testosterone treatments are often nonsexual in nature. Low testosterone therapy is a common treatment and side effects may greatly vary.

Low testosterone therapy can potentially damage the liver. Thus, it is important to talk with a doctor prior to having an ED treatment.

Prostate-related issues are another concern that requires prompt ED treatment. Low testosterone levels could be an adverse effect of your current medication. However, there are other options that can reverse these effects without interfering your current medications.

Can low testosterone lead to impotence?

A severe drop in testosterone levels can cause impotence. Thus, there are preventive ways to help improve testosterone levels and erectile function. This includes proper exercise, keeping low cholesterol levels, maintaining an ideal weight and refraining from smoking.

There are manifold ED treatments available in the market. However, it’s best to talk with a doctor about the right low testosterone and ED treatment.

How low testosterone cause erectile dysfunction?

Erections are triggered by the release of testosterone. Testosterone promotes adequate blood flow to the penis.

A decreasing blood flow can result to inability of the penis to sustain ample erection for penetration. Low testosterone and impotence can also result to low libido and poor sexual drive.


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