High Cholesterol Level: Decreases Cardiovascular Function

High cholesterol problems, such as erectile dysfunction,  hinder the body’s mechanism to work well. In the first place, why do we have cholesterol in our bodies? Cholesterol has manifold functions, and it naturally exists in the outer layers of the human cell.  Cholesterol is important for hormone production, cell membrane formation and other vital body functions.  However, high cholesterol can lead to coronary heart disease (CAD) and is the leading cause of cardiac arrest. Excessive intake of saturated fats is one of the chief causes of high cholesterol. Also, a great link exists between high cholesterol and ED.  Experts show that increasing levels of LDL (low density lipoprotein) can lead to ED.

What is Cholesterol?

The word cholesterol comes from the Greek word “chole” which means bile and “stereos” which means solid or stiff.  It is a waxy fat substance produced in the liver and circulated throughout the bloodstream.  Cholesterol is produced in the body through the liver and dietary intake of fats.  Our liver produces certain types of cholesterol. It is also responsible for the secretion and regulation of cholesterol in the bloodstream. Dietary intake of fats such as cheese burgers is another source of cholesterol.  In men, excessive intake of fatty foods can lead to high cholesterol and impotence.

The following are few functions of cholesterol:

  • It builds and maintains the outer layers of cell membranes and prevents crystallization of hydrocarbons into the membrane.
  • It is a key player in deciding which molecules are permissible to enter the cell.
  • It aids in producing both male and female sex hormones.
  • It is also essential in producing adrenal gland hormones.
  • It helps in bile production.
  • It takes sunshine and converts into Vitamin D
  • It helps in the digestion of fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K)
  • Provides nerve fiber insulationHow Do People Get High Cholesterol and Erectile Dysfunction?

    Unhealthy lifestyle and family history are predisposing factors of high cholesterol and ED. A family history of coronary heart disease (CAD) has a greater chance of having high cholesterol and ED. The increasing chance of having erectile dysfunction is a result of high levels of bad cholesterol in the bloodstream. Erectile Dysfunction is common among men who consume saturated fats more than the daily recommended limit. Also, studies have proved that race serves as one of the risk factors of high cholesterol and ED. Therefore, people from Indian sub-continent such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka are more susceptible than those from the white population.

    Causes of High Cholesterol

    Lifestyle choices such as excessive intake of fatty foods are some of the causes of high cholesterol levels. Sweets, red meat, pies, sausages and other processed foods contain high cholesterol levels. In addition, lack of exercises and too much smoking and drinking can cause elevation of cholesterol levels. Hence, it is important to know the causes of high cholesterol and ED and how to control cholesterol and prevent erectile dysfunction.


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